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About GRO

Global Racing Oil is a subsidiary of the 92 year old COGELSA lubrication company founded in Spain in 1916. COGELSA have more than 90 years of research and development in the field of lubricants and greases. There products have been tried and tested in the industrial, agricultural and many areas of the automotive performance arenas

Global Racing Oil specific branded products were released in 2000 and have been embraced by most European and Latin American countries. Several Manufacturers have now implemented Global Racing Oil as there in-house lubricants during initial construction and commissioning.

European motorcycle manufacture ‘GAS GAS’ have successfully created several world champions in motorcycle trials and motorcycle enduro racing using Global Racing Oil as there base protection program for all race team mechanicals and production assembly. Metrakit Industrial, a European performance specialist is another respected company utilizing Global Racing Oil as its in-house competition lubricant.

The Global Racing Oil extensive product range covers;

  • Motorcycle
    General, 2 strokes, 4 strokes, ATV, moped, scooter, performance & racing.

  • Karting
    100% synthetic 2 stroke kart racing specific.

  • Automotive
    General, specialist, performance & racing.

  • Specialist racing products for all competition disciplines

  • Marine
    Leisure boats, 2 stroke and 4stroke outboard, diesel, large tonnage marine.

Supporting Global Racing Oils detailed oil range is a comprehensive and diverse range of high quality Transmission and Gearbox oils, Hydraulic fluids, performance Brake products, Fork fluids, specialty Greases, a complex range of Antifreezes, Cleaning and Maintenance products.