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Global Grease 2 is lithium based produced from a selected blend of mineral based oils.

Global grease 2 is suitable for high load application were components are subjected to heavy loads.

Manufactured to give a constant stability at high temperatures, anti rust and anti corrosive.   

Global Grease 2 Properties:

  • Non Toxic
  • High anti wear protection
  • High anti corrosive and anti rust properties
  • Excellent water resistance
  • High load capabilities
  • High temperature resistance


  • High temperature applications
  • Wheel and steering head bearings
  • Automotive and industrial
  • General use
  • Swing arm and linkage bearings

NLGI                                                                                                       2
Melting point                                                                                         180
Working temperature                                                          -25
oc to 140oc
Load                                                                                                       160kg min
Lithium base
Colour                                                                                                    Brown