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Global Racing oil GLOBAL SPIRIT 20w50 is a specially blended lubricant to provide maximum protection for motors with advanced technology.

GLOBAL SPIRIT has excellent anti-wear properties which prevents deterioration of internal components, reducing friction and improving the general efficiency. GLOBAL SPIRIT excellent lubrication and cleaning properties reduces the deterioration process that causes engine wear.

GLOBAL SPIRIT is designed for four stroke engines and meets the requirements of manufactures of air and liquid cool engines giving maximum protection in all conditions .

Density at 15c                                                     0.896
Viscosity at 40c                                                  147cst
Viscosity at 100c                                                  18.4cst
Index of viscosity                                                 135
Ignition point                                                       250c
Point of maximum frost                                      -24c
Minimum falex weight                                         900 lbs
Color                                                                      Amber
Basic oil                                                                  Mineral

Exceeds specifications:                                      Jaso
MA 2

Satisfies the recommendations of:                Honda , Yamaha , Suzuki , Kawasaki, BMW