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PERFORMANCE 2T (Replaces both Racing -1 and Offroad-1)

 It is a 100% synthetic lubricant for the use in two stroke pre- mix fuel.

GRO has blended one of the most advanced two stroke oil in terms of film resistance, protection and load capacity.

PERFORMANCE 2T has been developed to withstand the most severe conditions as well as being able to burn clean and leave minimal carbon deposits.

PERFORMANCE 2T is formulated to enhance the performance of high performance two strokes by reducing friction of internal parts and providing clean combustion for better efficiency of the engine and can be mixed with fuel at a ratio from 1.5% to 3% keeping the octane rating of fuel to a maximum.


  • Clean burning
  • Maximum film strength
  • Increase performance
  • Helps maintain maximum octane rating of fuel
  • Can be mixed with most other synthetic oils on the market
  • Prolongs spark plug life
  • Reduces friction of moving parts
  • Non separation after mixing with fuel
Density at 15oC                                                                0.930
Viscosity at 40c                                                               68 cst
Point of maximum frost                                                -36oc
Index of viscosity (min)                                                 150

Exceeds Specifications:

  • API-TC+
  • ISO L- EGD

Satisfies the recommendations of: Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Gas Gas, Kawasaki, Metrakit, Beta