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Global Racing oil MIX-3 is a combination of specially blended oil and additives especially formulated for two stroke engines that are pre-mix or oil injected forming a film of protection protecting vital engine components from wear.

With exceptional clean burning MIX-3 helps to give longer life to spark plugs, minimizes carbon build up in the combustion chamber and exhaust, resulting in maximum performance and cleaner exhaust gases.

Due to the viscosity degree of MIX-3 it is safe to use in Pre-mix or auto lube application.

The property of MIX-3 prevents separation after mixing with fuel and dilutes to obtain a perfect mix.

Density at 15c                                                                        0.898
Viscosity at 40c                                                                     60 cst
Viscosity at 100c                                                                   8.2 cst
Index of viscosity                                                                  100
Ignition point                                                                            108c
Point of maximum frost                                                       -32c
Color                                                                                         light blue to green
Basic oil                                                                                   Semi Synthetic

Exceeds specifications:                                                     Jaso


Satisfies the recommendations of:                                 Honda , Yamaha , Suzuki , Kawasaki, AEON