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Global Racing Gear Trans offers advanced protection for two stroke transmissions. It’s superior blend protecting gears and gearbox components.

Global Gear Trans is blended with the highest additives that protect gears from high load pressure; its extreme film strength prevents metal to metal contact of the gears, reducing friction and wear.

With special additives Global Gear Trans reduces foaming of the oil and a high thermal stability. 

Global Gear Trans PROPERTIES:

  • Formulated to reduce friction of gears.
  • Suitable for wet clutches.
  • High load bearing
  • Reduces clutch and gear wear
  • Non foaming of the oil
  • Reduces clutch drag

Density at 15oC                                                                    0,872
Viscosity at 40
oC                                                                 100cst
Viscosity at 100
oC                                                              12cst
Flash point                                                                             249
Minimum load test                                                              160kg
Colour                                                                                     Red       

Exceeds specifications:                                                     API GL4

Satisfies the recommendations of:                                 Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, KTM, Gas Gas