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GLOBAL RACING OIL GEAR EXTREM 75W is a 100% synthetic, designed for high Performance in extreme tear and wear and high temperature conditions. Its increased capacity of Lubrication, its EP properties and the high resistance of its film result, prevents metal to metal contact of the gears, reducing friction and wear and lower temperatures. This implies a more efficient power transmission and a longer life.

  • Density 0,91
  • Viscosity at 40ºC 20cSt
  • Viscosity at 100ºC 5,2cSt
  • Index of viscosity 212
  • Ignition point 235ºC
  • Frost point -50ºC
  • Copper corrosion 1B

GEAR EXTREM 75W has been developed together with the best specialists in the field, using the most advanced technologies with the purpose to obtain a perfect lubrication in extreme conditions.

LIMITED SLIP: Specially designed to be used both in the gearboxes as well as in differentials with limited flaws (inadequately named selfblocking sources). It avoids phenomena of traverse sliding.

According to the exigencies: MONTESA – HONDA, BETA, SCORPA, METRAKIT.

It fulfills the norms:
Recommended for GAS GAS, MOTO S.A.