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Global Racing Gear lube 80w90 offers advanced technology in dry clutch transmissions and differentials. 

Global Gear Lube 80w90 is highly resistant to breaking down under extreme conditions and resists foaming of the oil. Metal to metal contact is eliminated therefore reducing friction and heat buildup

In gear boxes and differentials.   

Global Gear Lube 80w90 PROPERTIES:

  • Formulated to reduce friction of gears.
  • Suitable for differentials.
  • Protection against oxidation
  • Reduces temperature

Viscosity at 40c                                                                    175 cst
SAE                                                                                           80w90
Viscosity at 100c                                                                  17cst
Ignition point                                                                           250c
Not suitable for wet clutches

Exceeds specifications:                                                     API GL4, GL5