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Global Racing Gear Synt 70w90 offers the most advanced technology in gear lubrication providing high thermal stability, better fluidity at low temperatures and a reduction in power loss due to less friction.

Global Synt 70w90 has been blended with exclusive synthetic additives that guarantee a constant viscosity for the entire life of the oil.

Global Synt 70w90 has been tested to greatly improve the effectiveness of the gear box and differential by reducing temperature by 10% and improving fuel economy by up to 2.3%.

Global Synt 70w90 has also been formulated to be the ideal lubricant for limited slip differentials 

 Global Synt 70w90 PROPERTIES:

  • Formulated to give constant viscosity throughout the life of the oil.
  • Suitable for Limited slip differentials.
  • Protection against oxidation
  • Reduces temperature
  • Decreases friction

Viscosity at 40c                                                                    90 cst
Viscosity at 100c
Ignition point
Frost point
Not suitable for wet clutches

Exceeds specifications:                                                     API GL4, GL5