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28,000 Kilometers from GAS GAS 300 Print E-mail
Tuesday, 27 October 2009 00:28

Noel Partridge only knows too well the ability of the GAS GAS EC300 after clocking up over 28,000 k,s. The 62 year old from the Blue mountains in NSW bought his 300 new in 2005 and has in his words ‘given it a canning’ Some might think that the bike would have been babied by a gent of his age but we had word that some riders from one of the dirt bike magazines went with him recently for a tour of some his favourite trails. They ended up doing over 200 k’s of single track in a day and only half finished.

I was surprised that the young fella's ride so slow, I don’t have the time left on the planet to waste putting around’ stated young Noel. The GAS GAS is still running the original swingarm bearing and bushes, fork seals and bottom end. The only discrepancy accured when Noel had a minor off causing the throttle to jam wide open at about 21,000k’s and resulted in the engine nipping up. A quick freshen up of the top end and back to the trails for the EC300 GAS GAS. Reliability starts at the factory and it’s worth remembering that all GAS GAS motorcycles are assembled with GRO products and oils.