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GRO’s Kyle Middleton exits Australian titles Print E-mail
Tuesday, 27 October 2009 00:46

Global Racing Oil and its sponsored rider Kyle Middleton attende the Australian Trials titles held over 2 days at Pacific park, South Maroota in NSW last month. Pacific Park is set down in a tree lined valley with a snaking river surrounding its boundary’s. This ideal motorsport environment was capped off with the sound of V8 supercharged race boats echoing through the valley as they do their best to tame the river.

GRO tent Australian TitlesA fantastic roll out from all the manufactures, sponsors and Global Racing Oil ensured a real trials contest setting to fight out the Australian title. With a rather hot spring day on hand the best vantage points were in the forest to watch GRO’s Kyle Middleton and the other expert competitors attack the unforgiving course. At the end of a long day 1, due to the riders having to do 3 laps of the 15 stage course, Kyle found himself in position 2 separated by 2 points on the leader board from 1st.

Day 2 and the real fight for the championship was on, unfortunately for Kyle he had an awkward touchdown and twisted his ankle rather badly. He returned to the GRO pit and sort first aid and pain killers. To Kyle’s credit he sort the isolation of the forest to try and get his head around the injury but his balance was gone. Kyle leaned on the side of caution as he had to catch a plane on Tuesday to Spain to compete on Sunday under the watchful eye of Global Racing’s oil head office. A little bit of luck will see Kyle getting some training with GRO sponsored 10 times world champion Adam Raga. For those not in the know, that’s like going riding with Valentino Rossi.

Australian TitlesAlso competing at the Australian titles was Beta Racing's Estelle Boorer while husband Darryl looked after the Beta Racing trade tent which housed a great range of GRO. Darryl said that he had a lot of interest from the trials community regarding the GRO product range. Darryl has noticed many repeat orders coming from those that have taken the iniative to change to much cleaner burning engine oil and gearbox oil that’s seams to offer a much smoother clutch operation. Estelle finished her first Australian championships in 8th, well done Estelle.

A similar response came from the GAS GAS pit which housed the likable Mal lume, alias GAS GAS trials bike importer. ‘We are really happy with the turnout at this year’s trials titles, It’s been a great weekend for all except maybe Kyle and yes the GRO products have lived up to everything that they were promised to be’.