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GRO Kart-2 and Eberhart still front running Print E-mail
Tuesday, 15 December 2009 00:28

The 3 day fairwell to Oran Park Go-Kart race meeting has been run and won to the disapointment of all competitors knowing that its good bye to a great facility. Local GRO sponsored Luke Eberhart  finished a crediable  5th in a hard fort battle in clubman heavy. Luke gained enough points without racing all the rounds to finnish 3rd in the club champioship.

On his return to racing Lukes brother had a great result finnishing 3rd in Senior National Heavy. Congradulations from GRO for a outstanding return to racing by the Eberhart brothers. A quick bit of gossip is through the 2010 GRO news letters we will be reporting back about a engine test that is going to be implemented by well known kart engine buider Ian saville from Karting world.


Saville is going to press Global Racing Oils Kart-2 engine oil to the limites and will write a comprehensive report on all wear and power factors. On the subject of power, recent tests by Bollins Racings dyno resulted in measurable power increases with the use of Global Racing oil’s Racing 1 in back to back test against other brands of 2 stroke engine oil when tested on their Pit bike racing engines that are pulling upwards of 18,000rpm.