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GRO Oiled Gas Gas Factory Team Results Print E-mail
Tuesday, 28 April 2009 10:36

The latest from the 2 wheel front starts with the GRO oiled GAS GAS factory team finishing at the pointy end of the World Enduro E3 class once again. GAS GAS/GRO team rider Nambotin finished  in 3rd place leaving him 3rd in the overall world rankings by minimal points.

Closer to home Darren Lloyd has been carring the flag for GAS GAS this year in the Australia Enduro championship. Darren competed at the Orange sprint series on the new GRO oiled Gas GAS EC300 finishing 4th in the Pro expert class leaving him 8th  overall in the championship. Since then the Australian four day has been run with Darren again finishing a excellent 4th in his class on his GRO oiled GAS GAS EC 300.

Global Racing Oil has had another great win with Luke Eberhart (sponsored by X-Trim Upholsters) winning all 3 heats and the final in the clubman heavy national kart racing series at Oran park. This is big news for GRO as karter's are oil enthusiasts. They are now seeing how clean the GRO 2 stroke oil burns, giving superior response and power which has resulted in a massive following throughout  the European Karting scene.

Another karter using GRO 2 stroke oil is John Goode the Australian Itali Go-Kart importer, who is also an air craft engineer. He is racing the AKA Rotax TAG series and like others is very impressed with the GRO Kart-2 oil.

And again another supporter is Picton motorcycle in NSW who have been strong campaigner of the Gas GAS 125 motocross bike. They have recently changed over to GRO OFF Road -1 full synthetic engine oil and have been extremely impressed saying that the bike has never run so crisp.

Off to 4 wheels, Global Racing oil has supplied GMR 20w50 mineral oil and other products to Robbie Gordon from Dandenong Motorcycles in Melbourne for his Compact Speed car. Anyone who maybe familiar with these machines can tell you that they are very trick with engines on the edge of performance. The car was running towards the front of the Australian Championships until driver error took him out of the winners circle. The ultra high quality GMR mineral oil survived the test with Robbie’s car running faultlessly.